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Know Us

Ram International/ Ram Marketing & Distributors, carries out its business activities in the domestic market as well as international market.  With an experience of Pharmaceuticals field of 30years, Mr.Bharat Rajvir(promoter) ventured into the world of Cosmetic & Skin Care.  With an ever increasing awareness for Personal Care, Cosmetics seemed the next logical path of growth.  With the sole goal to meet every individual’s desire to look attractive, Ram International has been expanding its activities aggressively through out the world.  Carrying out activities on contract manufacturing basis, it has enabled us to be flexible in providing our clients with the option of providing our products
under their own brand name.

Owing to the various skin care issues faced by people world over, we have been able to develop a product range that caters to a variety of customers. Our products are FDA(India) approved and are manufactured under Cosmetic License, making the products Over-The-Counter(OTC) saleable. The products being so effective in solving various skin related issues, many Doctors and Dermatologists also recommend our products.

Skin Care & Cosmetic Products

  • Acne Care Face Wash & Bar (soap)
  • Child Care Soap
  • Anti Bacterial Bar (for hygiene purpose)
  • Dark Spots Control Product
  • Dry Skin Care Product
  • Mite Care
  • Anti Ageing Products
  • Hair Care
  • Sun Care Products
  • Hyper pigmentation control products
  • Obesity Care/ Control

With the world markets coming closer day by day and people becoming more and more quality conscious, we shall be increasing our product portfolio with the demands of the market